The Turn of the Screw_Henry James

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PenguinThis is a strange story. People are discussing in a room. The author takes part with the characters. A man, Douglas, is telling them the story of Miss Jessel, a young girl who answers to an advertisement as a governess. She seems to be charmed by the advertiser. She is hired for teaching to his small nephew and niece who are part of an old family, in Bly.


When she arrives, she understands her very well with Mrs Grove who also cares about the children. She firstly tries to domesticate the little girl, Flora, who seems perfect. The day after, she learns that the little boy she is in charge of is refused to enter at school. She also discovers that the governess who was in charge of them had suddenly died.


Miles, the little boy is as beautiful as his sister.


Other people come haunting the property like this man who looks like the disappeared Peter Quint. Our heroine begins to understand there are some dark secrets in that place that frightens her. But, for the good of her pupils, she is determined to discover the truth.


Anyway, the little girl has a strange behaviour when she wakes up at night so as the little boy. Ghosts seem to be everywhere.



Ce que j’en ai pensé :


Un livre pas évident à décrypter du fait d’une écriture riche et des tournures de phrases stylées. Il me semble que parfois même le dictionnaire ne m’aidait pas beaucoup.


J’ai ressenti l’angoisse monter, toute cette étrangeté qui se passe dans un manoir bien sûr, un peu paumé, loin de tout avec des apparitions surnaturelles de personnes décédées. J’imaginais quelque chose de vraiment diabolique.


Le malaise vient aussi des enfants qui semblent trop parfaits dans cette histoire narrée sous forme de huis clos. La gouvernante, naïve au départ est totalement sous le charme mais on devine que le comportement des enfants n’est pas innocent. Finalement, la gouvernante n’est pas dupe, d’autant que ses discussions avec Miles ressemblent à une conversation entre adultes. Mais elle tient bon, elle est déterminée à découvrir la vérité en particulier celle de Miles puisque le « problème » semble provenir de lui.


C’était une lecture assez intense mais difficile, longue malgré ses 120 pages. Beaucoup de subtilités de l’histoire ont dû m’échapper.



Sur l’auteur : Pleins d’infos .




Extraits :


& There had been a moment when I recognized, faint and far, the cry of a child ; there had been another when I found myself just consciously starting as at the passage, before my door, of a light footstep. But theses fancies were not marked enough not to be thrown off, and it is only in the light, or the gloom, I should rather say, of other and subsequent matters that they now come back to me.


& I walked in a world of their invention – they had no occasion whatever to draw upon mine ; so that my time was only with being, for them, some remarkable person or thing that the game of the moment required and that was merely, thanks to my superior, my exalted stamp, a happy and highly distinguished sinecure.


& I don’t know – I don’t know !’ the poor women groaned.

‘You do know, you dear thing,’ I replied ; ‘only you haven’t my dreadful boldness of mind, and you keep back, out of timidity and modesty and delicacy, even the impression that, in the past, when you had, without my aid, to flounder about in silence, most of all made you misearable. But I shall get it out of you yet !








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